H&M Glittery Pullover Look

This is all about glitter and glam!!

H & M has quite good and affordable new collection of glittery cardigans in their store.

I bought this green sweater from h&m which is so apt for dinner date in this wintery weather. It’s perfect for a go to party look as whenever I wear this pullover I feel I am party ready 🙂



This is how I paired up my look for a dinner date with this blingy green sweater from h & m. Clubbed it with black skirt from h&m and high knee boots from JC Penny. And to give a finish look I wore a pearl neck piece and walla good to go.






Do check H &M glittery pullovers collection and stay glamourous 💕


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Wedding Outfits- Best Places To Shop

Wedding season is at its peak and this is the time where you can wear all the pretty gowns, sarees & exclusive dresses. I hope you will agree that it’s every girl’s favorite time of the year.

All the Indian markets are filled with expensive, branded and luxurious outfits  and very good showrooms but after a lot of exploring I will share some best showrooms and places to shop amazing ethnic outfits. These are my personal favorites.

My favorite markets for ethnic shopping are Rajouri Garden, Rani Bagh and Karol Bagh.

In Rajouri Garden best shop for gowns is ‘California Trends’ and for ethnic dresses Jasmine & Sehej are good showrooms.

In Karol Bagh best shops are Sahil and Frontier Bazar for gowns, lhengas and Suits, Everything Ethnic.

In Rani Bagh , I did lot of shopping from batras. My complete wedding trousseau was mostly from Batras.

Here are my few picks and purchases that I did from some of these selected stores-

Dress 1: Gown Dress- Perfect for engagement/wedding function.

Dress Deets: This Gown is from ‘Sahil’ from ‘Karol Bagh’ market.

sagn candid (225)

sagn candid (210)

Dress2: Gown Dress: Apt for Cocktail/Engagement Party.

This Dress is from ‘California Trendz’ from ‘Rajouri Garden’.


Dress 3: Drape Style Saree- Stunning and trendy look for a wedding occasion.

This drape saree is from Batras From Rani Bagh market.



Would Like to recommend some makeup places as well:

Kriti-DS would be my first choice. Second personal favorite would be Krushhbykonica. And third choice would definitely be Hairmasters. One can choose from these as per the suitable location. All are best in their work.

Here is the sneak peak of my makeup from these places:


**This beautiful double wing eyeliner look is from Krushhbykonica.



**This celebrity style makeup is from Hair masters Ashok Vihar.

Both the places are superb in nail arts. Loved their Nail arts.

Still has to try Kriti-DS for makeup and hair. Loved their pictures on their FB page.

I hope my experience and recommendations will help you to have some great shopping time and to make good choices for makeup.

For any further questions about dresses/wedding showrooms or makeup, please ask in the comment section below or on my fb page ‘dreamybuzz’.

Please do comment that which is your favorite look or dress among these :).


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Disney Outfit: WhatIWore


We had two days to spent in Disney parks, first day we went to Magic Kingdom and other day to Epcot Walt Disney World.

I wanted my outfits for Disney world to be girly, bright and colorful just same as Disney World.

Day 1 Outfit:

This is how I paired up my outfit for Magic Kingdom.






Dress Deets:

Colorful Top is from Zara_USA. I styled it by putting a knot on it.

Black Flair Skirt is from HM_USA

Shoes are from Adidas.

Sunglasses are from Forever21_USA.

Bagpack is again from HM_USA.

Watch is from Casio Sheen.

Bought this cute mini headband from Disney Magic Kingdom itself, which is a must buy if you are going to Disney.

Day 2 Outfit:

For Day 2 I choose to wear this blue floral short jumper. I loved it , it has knotted neck, flair sleeves & is very colorful. Moreover Jumpers are so cute and girly <3.



Dress Deets:

Jumsuit is from Target (Found in Clearance :P)

Shoes are from Bata_India.

Glasses are from Forever21_USA.


Sharing some more pictures from Disney_Orlando 🙂




Hope you liked my outfits and had as much fun reading this post as we had in Disney (A must visit place). Please share your Disney experiences in comment section below.

And would love to see your Disney Outfits, So please share with me on Instagram by tagging Instagram handle (Dreamybuzz).

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Target Fashion Haul

Every time I am in hunt to shop , Target has become my go to store. This is the store where I am confident that I will definitely get or like something. So I thought I should do a Target haul to show what I have shopped so far.

Recently I had to shop for my trip to Orlando, FL. After exploring HM/Zara/Forever where there was almost winter stuff everywhere. Target is the place where I got all my pretty summer outfits.

Here is the sneak peak of what all I bought and why I am in love with Target shopping.

First Outfit: I am in love with this black floral dress with ruffled sleeves. It’s very comfy & flowy and it looked pretty on me. It has a cute detailing knot at the back which is an add on to its style.




Second Outfit: I was looking for a Jumpsuit from quite a long time. I found very cute short jumper in target clearance just in 8.5 $. Such a cheap deal!!

Target Clearance is amazing. You will get nice cheap deals for house decorations/ stationary, accessories and women/kids clothing. I agree clearance stock is little unorganized but as its rightly said that if you look into ashes you can even find diamond. Yes!! you can find pretty good stuff from the clearance.


Third Outfit- I bought this maroon lacy dress which I paired up with floral net shrug and a beachy hat. Everything I purchased from Target and loved the outfit how it came altogether.

FullSizeRender (16)

Hats are pretty affordable and this one was of just 8$, isn’t it a good deal? I found accessories a bit pricy and even though handbags are not branded but of high price too.

Makeup Stuff from Target-Drugstore: Target has good collection of beauty products in their drugstore beauty section with reasonable price range of brands like Nyx, elf and wet n wild. This store has cheapest nail pops from sinful colors brand as per my findings so far. I do not recommend elf eyeliner though, its too light but I am happy with the overall makeup shopping :).


Apart from this I did not like Men clothing much due to less variety but surely recommend this place for Home/kids and women shopping.

That’s it from my side! I really like hauls, so I was keen to do it on my blog !! 🙂

Did you guys like this haul. Please share your reviews in below comment section.


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Travel Stories

Apple Farmyard “Why It’s a must visit place in Fall”

Fall season is at its peak and everything is so colorful and beautiful. Thus, we have lots of excitement to enjoy this season.

As now it’s not so hot outside, there is nothing awesome than just spending a nice day at farmyard under the nature. So we made a plan to go to near by farm and do apple picking activity. And I must say it was a great idea!!


Found a near by farm online which was open on Sunday, got ready and we were off to the place. We went to Keller’s Farm in Oswego, Illinois. Place was bustling with people &  everyone seems to have a great family time.

There were many activities to do like apple picking, pumpkin picking, cornmaze actvity in cornyard, tractor ride across the farm, etc.


We decided to go for apple picking and to collect apples we had to buy bags which costs around 7 bucks. Five varieties of apples were ripped & ready to be picked up: Gala, Cortland, Ginger Gold, Honeycrisp and Mcintosh.  We picked all varieties of apples and my personal favorite is Honeycrisp, which is very sweet and juicy.


There are several reasons that it’s one of the best way to cherish the fall season.

  • Apple picking mostly gets opened in a fall because of their ripping season.
  • Farm fruits are very fresh and different in taste of what we get from grocery store.
  • They are very hygienic as you are picking them yourself from the trees and they are free of wax coatings, preservatives and germs from people’s hands at supermarket.


  • Best & fun family outing place to take a break from tech savvy life, make memories and capture lovely pictures.
  • You can taste the apples then and there at the farm and then choose to pick which ever flavor you like. (So keep water with you to wash them before eating :P, just a handy tip)
  • Great way to experience nature offerings.
  • I agree buying freshly picked apples is a bit pricy, but you’re paying for more than a bag of fruit, you’re paying for the memorable experience.

Products that one can buy there– Apple cider & Pumpkin Jam, Apple cinnamon donuts, apples ,pumpkins, corns, etc (Everything which is just so apt for fall season)



WhatIWore details: I wore denim dress (from Shopperstop ) with bright red butterfly print top (from Max). Shoes are from Adidas, Watch is from Casio sheen and my glasses are from Target. I think my outfit was just apt for a bright sunny day 🙂



I had lot of fun in picking apples, eating apple cider donuts, clicking pictures with pumpkins/apples and watching kids enjoying. It was all festive environment with Thanks Giving and Halloween around the corner.

Thus, I would recommend everyone to visit apple orchards with your family & friends. Pick apples, buy pumpkins and cook some festive treats like apple cider donuts/muffins, apple or pumpkin spice coffee & festive tradition pumpkin pie 🙂 🙂

Wishing everyone a “Happy Halloween” !! Hope you all enjoyed reading this post 🙂

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