Wedding Outfits- Best Places To Shop

Wedding season is at its peak and this is the time where you can wear all the pretty gowns, sarees & exclusive dresses. I hope you will agree that it’s every girl’s favorite time of the year.

All the Indian markets are filled with expensive, branded and luxurious outfits  and very good showrooms but after a lot of exploring I will share some best showrooms and places to shop amazing ethnic outfits. These are my personal favorites.

My favorite markets for ethnic shopping are Rajouri Garden, Rani Bagh and Karol Bagh.

In Rajouri Garden best shop for gowns is ‘California Trends’ and for ethnic dresses Jasmine & Sehej are good showrooms.

In Karol Bagh best shops are Sahil and Frontier Bazar for gowns, lhengas and Suits, Everything Ethnic.

In Rani Bagh , I did lot of shopping from batras. My complete wedding trousseau was mostly from Batras.

Here are my few picks and purchases that I did from some of these selected stores-

Dress 1: Gown Dress- Perfect for engagement/wedding function.

Dress Deets: This Gown is from ‘Sahil’ from ‘Karol Bagh’ market.

sagn candid (225)

sagn candid (210)

Dress2: Gown Dress: Apt for Cocktail/Engagement Party.

This Dress is from ‘California Trendz’ from ‘Rajouri Garden’.


Dress 3: Drape Style Saree- Stunning and trendy look for a wedding occasion.

This drape saree is from Batras From Rani Bagh market.



Would Like to recommend some makeup places as well:

Kriti-DS would be my first choice. Second personal favorite would be Krushhbykonica. And third choice would definitely be Hairmasters. One can choose from these as per the suitable location. All are best in their work.

Here is the sneak peak of my makeup from these places:


**This beautiful double wing eyeliner look is from Krushhbykonica.



**This celebrity style makeup is from Hair masters Ashok Vihar.

Both the places are superb in nail arts. Loved their Nail arts.

Still has to try Kriti-DS for makeup and hair. Loved their pictures on their FB page.

I hope my experience and recommendations will help you to have some great shopping time and to make good choices for makeup.

For any further questions about dresses/wedding showrooms or makeup, please ask in the comment section below or on my fb page ‘dreamybuzz’.

Please do comment that which is your favorite look or dress among these :).


Health & Happiness





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