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Apple Farmyard “Why It’s a must visit place in Fall”

Fall season is at its peak and everything is so colorful and beautiful. Thus, we have lots of excitement to enjoy this season.

As now it’s not so hot outside, there is nothing awesome than just spending a nice day at farmyard under the nature. So we made a plan to go to near by farm and do apple picking activity. And I must say it was a great idea!!


Found a near by farm online which was open on Sunday, got ready and we were off to the place. We went to Keller’s Farm in Oswego, Illinois. Place was bustling with people &  everyone seems to have a great family time.

There were many activities to do like apple picking, pumpkin picking, cornmaze actvity in cornyard, tractor ride across the farm, etc.


We decided to go for apple picking and to collect apples we had to buy bags which costs around 7 bucks. Five varieties of apples were ripped & ready to be picked up: Gala, Cortland, Ginger Gold, Honeycrisp and Mcintosh.  We picked all varieties of apples and my personal favorite is Honeycrisp, which is very sweet and juicy.


There are several reasons that it’s one of the best way to cherish the fall season.

  • Apple picking mostly gets opened in a fall because of their ripping season.
  • Farm fruits are very fresh and different in taste of what we get from grocery store.
  • They are very hygienic as you are picking them yourself from the trees and they are free of wax coatings, preservatives and germs from people’s hands at supermarket.


  • Best & fun family outing place to take a break from tech savvy life, make memories and capture lovely pictures.
  • You can taste the apples then and there at the farm and then choose to pick which ever flavor you like. (So keep water with you to wash them before eating :P, just a handy tip)
  • Great way to experience nature offerings.
  • I agree buying freshly picked apples is a bit pricy, but you’re paying for more than a bag of fruit, you’re paying for the memorable experience.

Products that one can buy there– Apple cider & Pumpkin Jam, Apple cinnamon donuts, apples ,pumpkins, corns, etc (Everything which is just so apt for fall season)



WhatIWore details: I wore denim dress (from Shopperstop ) with bright red butterfly print top (from Max). Shoes are from Adidas, Watch is from Casio sheen and my glasses are from Target. I think my outfit was just apt for a bright sunny day 🙂



I had lot of fun in picking apples, eating apple cider donuts, clicking pictures with pumpkins/apples and watching kids enjoying. It was all festive environment with Thanks Giving and Halloween around the corner.

Thus, I would recommend everyone to visit apple orchards with your family & friends. Pick apples, buy pumpkins and cook some festive treats like apple cider donuts/muffins, apple or pumpkin spice coffee & festive tradition pumpkin pie 🙂 🙂

Wishing everyone a “Happy Halloween” !! Hope you all enjoyed reading this post 🙂

Health & Happiness



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